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The expert report

People from many parts of the world ask me for expertises in order to certify the authenticity of early keyboard instruments. The experience achieved in 30 years of working and studying early instruments allows me to supply highly qualified expert-reports. Museums and important collectors ask for my advice.

What does an expert report consist of?
The expert-report is the declaration of authenticity of an object of art provided by an expert which guarantees the authenticity of a musical instrument through his signature. For this purpose I put at your disposal the experience and organological knowledge I have acquired over many restorations on instruments of high artistic value and through the deep knowledge of the 70 historical keyboard instruments kept at the Castello Sforzesco Museum in Milan.

When is an expert report useful?
Every time there is a doubt about the authenticity of an instrument or a part of it, the expert's report certifies whether a signature is genuine or an attribution. Moreover on selling an instrument, it is indispensable to own a signed expert-report in order to guarantee the quality of the object on sale, avoiding the vendor the disagreeable consequences of a wrong appraisal of the sold object.

How to request an expert report
Write to me at info@augustobonza specifying your requirements. All requests are handled with absolute discretion and confidentiality.

Clavicembalo De Quoco 1698
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Maker and restorer of harpsichords and other early keyboard instruments. High quality instruments built according to historical principles.
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