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The restoration
of early keyboard instruments

...restorers should move carefully, choosing their procedural plans and the techniques to be used so as to preserve not only the evidence they recognize but the more complex evidence that future studies will wish to derive from future techniques of investigation (John Barnes)

audio clip Download - Antonio Valente - La Romanesca d'Antonio Valente
Il cembalo intorno a Gesualdo Stradivarius STR33596 (1'58" - 1855 KB) Paola Erdas
Harpsichord Nicolaus de Quoco 1699 - restored by Augusto Bonza

Restoration is a complex art that does not merely wear out with the the manual labor, since drawing out sounds from an early instrument is much less difficult than to respect its integrity.

The restorer is responsible for the object under his care though this is not yet completely understood and musical instruments are often repaired with standards that lead to the loss of their historical and musical integrity.

A person that is restoring a musical instrument must be an organologist with great knowledge and direct experience of original building methods so that nothing in his work is due to improvisation.

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Clavicembalo attribuito a Elpidio Gregori
Clavicembalo attribuito a Elpidio Gregori
Restauro Augusto Bonza
(Francia, Collezione privata)
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Maker and restorer of harpsichords and other early keyboard instruments. High quality instruments built according to historical principles.
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